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Family Affair.
FAMILY AFFAIR: Love Hustle: C.C.4.

Distributed to d.j.'s as a blue vinyl 12" this track was played as by the 'J.T.s' & it was the flipside of a 1976 Pye release by Jackie Trent called "Call Me". It's a fine pop instrumental that is ideal as a crossover sound with a trace of northern beat in it as well as enough percussion backing to satisfy the more modern disco sound fanatics. This is one of those records that could so easily crash into the pop charts but for some mysterious reasons doesn't make it. On the flip we have two tracks by Jackie Trent - "You Baby" / "Send Her Away". Both are excellent pop classics of the late sixties era but they are pop not soul classics. I'm sure that this record will sell well in the long run but perhaps not on a short time commercial chart basis.